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Watsu® Warm Water Floatation Therapy
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 Watsu for Pregnancy

  The safe, nurturing space that the Watsu® Practitioner holds for you balances holding you securely with allowing you complete freedom. You are thereby offered a sublime opportunity to learn to trust your body and relax deeply with the help of a partner. This experience can help you to more naturally let go and free your mind during labor.

  During a Watsu® session, your back will feel supported and at ease as your buoyancy in the water relieves the extra pressure that you feel with baby inside. With the body afloat in warm water, Watsu® allows for the gentle mobilization of joints and soft tissues that is difficult to achieve on land. You will also feel you baby’s response to the space that buoyancy creates, a joyful pressure relief!

  Common symptoms such as backache, swelling, heaviness or tiredness can be helped by Watsu®; receiving just one session can improve sleep and digestion and restore vitality and general relaxation.

  The warmth of the water generally increases the elastic quality of your muscles and enhances flexibility of the joints - helping to prepare you to open up fully with greater ease during labor.

Watsu® is a form of hydrotherapy or warm water massage. When you enter into the pool, it feels like a warm bath at body temperature. Small floats are placed upon the legs to keep the lower body buoyant then your head and neck are continuously supported by the arm or hand of your Practitioner.

Your eyes, nose and mouth are above water; your ears are submerged, reducing external sensory stimulation and instantly relieving your nerves. As you breathe, your body rises and falls in the water, and you begin to remember the ocean within, waves rhythmically rolling up the spine.

At first the movements are subtle, introducing you to this new liquid world, attuning to the breath, and gently freeing the body; you move as seaweed, seemingly by the ebb and flow of the water itself. Gradually more dynamic movements are added, bringing new sensations of playful fluidity, interwoven with a return to stillness and calm.

While meditating on your deepening relaxation you become aware that your slightest beginnings of movement, even the idea before it, are being shadowed, followed by the light support of your Practitioner. The flowing dance that then emerges, as your mind eases into pure feeling and being, is the essence of Watsu®.

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