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Neuromuscular Shiatsu
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Recipients can receive the benefits of both a deep-tissue massage and an acupressure  reflexology session in one relaxing treatment.

  Shiatsu is a unique, flowing style of movement, stretching, acupressure and reflexology, varying from light to deep touch, received fully clothed on a floor mat. It guides the recipient toward greater overall balance by harmonizing energy channels & internal organ systems.

  Derived from traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, shiatsu involves assessment and treatment of your internal and environmental climates. The session is a systematic and intuitive reading that offers greater insight and understanding in your overall life and health.

  Neuromuscular Massage in a technical sense, is the shortening and lengthening of muscle, tendon or other tissue while applying a pressure/stimulus. In the holistic sense, it is education and play for the body/mind connection to help cultivate a greater inner awareness of one's tensions and the way to relax them.

Neuromuscular Shiatsu is designed to quickly and effectively release restriction in the body by increasing mobility in tissues, tendons & joints as well as the flow of fluids and chi in the affected area.

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