Therapeutic Yoga
All experience levels welcome.

Mondays & Wednesdays

8:30-10:00am on Zoom

or in studio by reservation

$10-15 Donation requested

Gradual opening and progression; deep focus on body alignment & core mechanics for stability, ease, and injury remediation.

Core conditioning
All experience levels welcome.


9-10:00am on Zoom

or in studio by reservation

$7-10 Donation reqested

The Iyengar/Anusara based style that I teach is loaded with the hands-on understanding of kinesiology that I bring from ten years as a structural realignment therapist. I have a sharp eye for tension and imbalance in bodies; clear communication with my words and touch. Each class I give has a coherent theme or focus that builds from the warm-up, expands through a movement flow, culminates with advanced asanas, and finishes in softness with restorative postures and full body relaxation.

A yoga-informed practice to tone intrinsic muscle groups for better support and healthy mechanics in your spine and major joints.