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Integrative Orthopedic Bodywork

​  Benjamin's manual orthopedic treatments use a unique style of neuromuscular therapy to resolve joint imbalances, injuries, and overall body posture.

  His “outer-to-inner” approach starts with realigning limbs, and then feeds the released slack into the trunk of the body. This enables a naturally easier correction of imbalances in the hips and pelvis, shoulders and ribcage, and spine.

  Results include greater ease, control and range of movement; improved breathing & circulation; reduced stress, inflammation & musculoskeletal pain.

  Recipients also experience a feeling of lightness in body, clarity of mind, increased energy in waking hours and better sleep at night.

  An initial 90-minute session, preceded by in-depth intake, is advised for best immediate results.  One-hour sessions follow at a frequency suited to your condition & tapering with improvement.

  Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy (INT) uses specific pressure and movement on the muscles to stimulate the central nervous system and catalyze its process of healing injury and re-balancing the body.
  Static muscle tensions are driven by repetitive signals from the CNS that are attempting to clear or compensate for an injury, but are meeting resistance and cannot complete their movements.  INT lends directional touch and movement to these muscle actions to help them clear opposing resistance and achieve completion of their contractions.  The CNS registers completion of its action and allows the muscle to relax, which releases slack out to the rest of the body,
  As the release of one muscle allows its adjacent muscles and joints more freedom for movement and balance, this technique can be used methodically to realign the posture of the whole body:
 • realign muscles and fascia in the extremities and up the limbs;
 • straighten major joints and nerves and reconnect limbs to the trunk;
 • correct structural imbalance in the core and open fluid pathways;
 • retrain balanced posture and movement with corrective exercises.

​  This complement to the “inner-to-outer” chiropractic approach has proved effective for clearing resistance in the muscles and nerves that often prevent full realignment and healing of injuries.

  Benjamin has treated hundreds of clients for hard-to-clear ailments, and has become known for “sleuthing” the hidden causes of musculoskeletal pain and restriction, both acute and chronic.

• Auto or Work-Related Injury

• Shoulder and Neck Tension

• Back Discomfort / Stiffness

• Pelvic Misalignment / Sciatica

• Pain / Numbness in Extremities

• Knee and Ankle Imbalances

• Surgery Healing

• Repetitive Movement Stress

• Muscle Spasms / Trigger Points

• Headache, Dizziness or Vertigo

• Loss of Strength and Balance


  "My right ankle was crushed in an auto accident, and my inability to walk resulted in back, hip and shoulder pain, which went unrelieved by the many physicians, therapists, and trainers that I saw for help.  "After more than ten years, I found Benjamin and received major relief within a few visits. Soon after, I was able to resume my daily walks and garden work.

  "Thanks to Ben, I have returned to a normal life.

  -Dawn M., Ashland

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