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Benjamin Grunde
massage therapy ashland oregon Benjamin Grunde 541.821.6550

Holistic Health Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Watsu Practitioner

Take charge of your body and get more out of life!

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holistic massage
massage therapy ashland oregon Benjamin Grunde 541.821.6550

​ Benjamin has developed a unique style of neuromuscular therapy, effective to resolve injury & improve body posture.

 Tension is released from your hands, feet, and limbs and to give slack to your hips & shoulders, pelvis & spine.

 Your core realignment can then happen with ease and be maintained with better whole-body support and awareness.

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yoga & t'ai chi

 Well-organized movement is the key to access better balance, strength and ease in everyday activities.

 The study of yoga & t'ai chi chu'an can give you a core foundation for healthy posture and body mechanics.

  The practices are taught to develop your stability and poise from the deepest core muscles, while moving your limbs with the larger, power muscles - which is the sustainable formula for injury prevention.

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warm water bodywork
massage therapy ashland oregon Benjamin Grunde 541.821.6550

 Watsu® therapy promotes greater ease and range of movement; improved breathing and circulation; reduced stress, inflammation and pain.

 Recipients often experience a profound lightness in body, clarity of mind, and better sleep, as well as embryonic memory and pure essence of human connection.

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